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“There is no need to beg on the streets in 2016”

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The BBC asked charities to respond to the ASA’s banning of Nottingham anti-begging posters – Read our thoughts below. Nottingham City Council recently ran a poster campaign advising people not to give money to beggars, claiming that the money would be spent on drugs and alcohol, and that many beggars actually are frauds. The Advertising… View Article

Our Fundraising Approach


Fundraising is about empowering you, not begging … At Trinity our communications and fundraising approach is transactional: we believe we can offer people a chance to take responsibility for their community. We encourage a lifestyle of improvement and self-discovery and we expose people to the reality of homelessness. We believe that it takes the whole community… View Article

Who Matters?


Picture the scene: you have a job, which you go to every day. You do a good job. One day you’re late, because you weren’t feeling well or your bus was stuck in traffic. Obviously your employer docks your pay, right? Not just for the time you were missing though, for an entire week or… View Article

Could Kids Company have protected themselves against closure?

  Could Kids Company have protected themselves against closure? If this is about funding then it’s a warning to all other charities … The closure of Kids Company is certainly devastating for those vulnerable and disadvantaged children – whose situation is likely to get worse under the current government – to whom the service was… View Article

Our Landlords Aren’t Rogue – They Share Our Values

This week BBC One’s panorama set out to expose ‘unscrupulous landlords getting millions of pounds from the taxpayer for housing people in cramped and poor quality accommodation’, which it certainly did. It showed some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the UK living in the type of squalid conditions that you would expect… View Article

Massive Rent Increases Will Leave 6 Million Private Renters In Poverty by 2040

Today the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) has reported that rents will rise twice as fast as income, and unless action is taken now 1 in 10 people living in rented homes will be living in poverty. This means that we are heading towards a situation where homelessness could happen to anyone – it is not… View Article