The Big SleepOut 2017 will take place on 1st December.

Be part of the solution to End Homelessness in Our Community:

Our Big SleepOut in 2016 was amazing, hundreds of people decided to sacrifice a night of sleep in order to sleep in the freezing cold in a car park in Uxbridge. They raised tens of thousands of pounds to support our work – and there’s still time to sponsor people who took part … here’s what they said:

“The most memorable part for me was waking up! Amazed that I had slept at all … and the genuine feeling of appreciation for how very lucky I am to have a bed and a home to return to. It was amazing, thank you all at Trinity – your compassion as an organisation and individuals really comes through. It was an amazing opportunity”

“I felt so relieved when I woke up in the cold that I could go home to escape the uncomfortable experience. This is something I will not forget”

“I was amazed at how many people are willing to give up their in bed at their home in order to raise money and awareness for those in need, who they won’t ever have met. It was heart warming to see the amount of people willing to do that”

“I couldn’t possibly limit the best part of my experience to one thing – doing something good with others that didn’t require Iron Man fitness levels; the food, drink and company; my kids learning the value of money and the hardship that others endure daily”

From one of our spoken word artist performers, Genevieve Walsh:

As promised, some reflections on the experience of Trinity Homeless Projects‘ Big Sleep Out:
This isn’t going to be a rant about how amazed I was by not having something for one night. Not only would it be spoilt and silly, but it would be inaccurate, because as I fell asleep I was only considering the things I DID have and how difficult the situation would be without them if I were in a genuine position of homelessness: access to vital medication (anticonvulsants for Epilepsy in my case), all-night access to facilities, and most of all, safety (thanks to the fantastic crew that Trinity had). I was almost certainly going to stay dry. I was generally in good company. Having heard the moving and genuinely tear-inducing words of the people who’ve used Trinity’s services to put their lives back on track, I couldn’t believe that they, or any human, has had to live without basic human needs and dignities. The real stars that night were the people who opened our eyes to the realities of homelessness and showed us that if we help charities like Trinity to do the vital work they’re doing, things can get better.
I can’t thank them enough for having me perform at this event, and urge anyone who’s reading this to check out the work they’re doing and do what you can. #ItCouldBeMe