There are two different ways you can volunteer with us at Trinity:

At our Day Service: SHOC

At SHOC we invite groups from businesses, churches and community groups to volunteer in our day centre – serving food, working on the gates and managing the reception desk as well as organising our food and clothes store. For more information please contact Sue: sue@weareshoc.org.uk

At our Big SleepOut event

To make our Big SleepOut in 2017 the biggest and best ever we need exceptional volunteers – from putting up fences to serving tea and coffee – our volunteers make the SleepOut happen.

There are roles available to suit everyone, and just a few hours of your time on Thursday, Friday or Saturday would be so valuable to us. When you arrive on site you will be greeted by our dedicated event manager, Christina, who will put you straight to work on your designated task so every minute you are with us counts. Just by volunteering you will be part of ending homelessness in our community – which is something to be very proud of.

If you have a specialist skill we’d really like to hear from you too – perhaps you’re a dab hand at something technical, someone who knows everything there is to know about security fences or have customer service absolutely nailed – we’d like to hear from you – your skills could be very important to making the event a success.
These are the volunteering roles and times that are available – the timings and tasks might change a little bit closer to the date – but we’ll be in touch with you and keep you well informed.

If you’d like to register to volunteer, or better still, register a whole team of volunteers please contact Christina (christina@wearetrinity.org.uk) with your availability, how many people in your team and the sort of task you’d like to help with.

Roles Available:

Event Assistants for Set Up – 30-40 required

Unload vehicles
Erect fencing and lighting
Put up and fix signage and banners. Put up Gazebos
Set up merchandise and drinks stalls Any other ad hoc set up tasks required

Car Park and Entrance Stewards – 13 people required per shift

Duties: Direct cars and people to correct car parks and venue entrances.
Take payment for car parking and issue car parking passes. Ensure good movement of traffic along Gatting Way.
Notify event staff when speakers and acts arrive.

Registration – 8 people per shift

Duties: Check off registered participants.
Collect registration waivers
Hand out info cards and registration bands. Monitor those entering and leaving the site. Keep track of numbers on premises. Security bag checks.

Village Stewards – 12 people per shift

Duties: Walk around site giving directions to participants.
Ensure people are setting down their boxes in the right areas. Monitor toilets and report any problems to the venue. Monitor each area of site and report any issues to event staff. Keep areas litter free throughout the evening.
Take down and store items at the end of the night.
Ad hoc help with anything else required.

Refreshments/ Merchandise – 4 people per stall per shift

Duties: Serve soft drinks and merchandise. Replenish stock
Overnight Event Security – 4 people per shift (16 people)
Required to walk the site and report any issues to event staff
Breakfast Set Up – 4 people required
Set up grills, urns, and other serving equipment ready for staff to serve breakfast

Event Assistants for Set Down – 30-40 required

Duties: Load vehicles
Take down fencing and lighting. Take down signage and banners. Take down Gazebos.
Clear storage areas
Collect litter
Any other ad hoc tasks required