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Together we can end homelessness

If something’s not working, try something else.


Ending someone’s homelessness requires a committed approach that addresses the various root causes and contributing factors.

This includes, community and faith groups, responsive outreach, emergency shelter, supported housing, affordable housing, access to physical and mental health and addiction treatment, employment opportunities, education, social support networks, and more. 

It’s about creating sustainable solutions that empower individuals and families to thrive in their communities.

Ending homelessness means curing all the situations that threaten and cause it in society.

We do this through creating the sort of society that delivers this, in our communities, in our neighbourhoods and in our houses. Last year we housed over 600 people who were or at risk of suffering homelessness and 154 people moved into their own home. 

To end homelessness, we need a pathway of services and providers that trust each other, communicate and plan, and a community and partnership that believes that it can.


If you think we can help you or you can help us, we urge you to get in touch at [email protected]

Homelessness in Hillingdon

We are creating a housing pathway that will house 790 people next year and will ensure everyone has a home and at least a bed for the night.


Applications received in 12 months


People housed in 12 months


People moved on in 12 months


People stay under one year in Supported Housing



Furniture that doesn't cost the earth

Did you realise your old sofa could help end homelessness?

We recycle quality unwanted furniture and electrical goods. For fast, free, friendly collection please fill out the form below.

An average donation helps to house somebody for a night and last year, we saved thousands of tonnes of furniture and electricals from landfill.

We repurpose over 400 tons of furniture and white goods every year saving 1,000 tons of C02. We internally offset this against our carbon footprint mainly created by our properties that house over 300 people. Making us a carbon neutral housing charity.

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Trinity animation

Please take 3 minutes to watch this beautiful animation to understand the impact that Trinity has had on some of our residents.

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