Celebrating Our Staff Member of The Year

Tuesday 26th May 2015

Every year at Trinity we ask all the staff to vote for the member of staff who deserves to win an award for their work, dedication and general brilliance – in 2014, with over 40 members of staff, this was no mean feat.

The awards were given out by Steve at our Christmas Party and went to: Tricia Marshall – The Julie Ebanks Unsung Hero Award
Tracy Criscuolo – Award for Effectiveness
Eoin Donnelly – Award for Innovation

Kevin Taylor was awarded the much sought after Staff Member of the Year prize. Steve described him as Trinity’s glue, we decided to interview Kevin to find out a little bit more about him …

Kevin Taylor

Job Title: 
Office Manager

Worked at Trinity Since: 
October 2012  

Kevin, If Trinity is Home + People + Job you are: 
Figures + Attention To Detail + Mindful

You have worked at Trinity for 2.5 years, have you always worked in charities? 
No, I was in the Call Centre industry for nearly 10 years. For just under 8 years I worked in a call center (TLC) and then “the hunter became game keeper” as they say, as I worked for Reed Exhibitions looking after their outsourcing and becoming one of TLC’s Clients. I also spent the first 7 years of my working life in the Motor Industry.

What do you love about working at Trinity? 
The people, Steve, working for the benefit of people who need it rather than to bolster someone’s bank account, Steve, the culture and atmosphere and of course Steve.  

If you could change one thing about the organisation what would it be? 
If I could I would get Trinity’s version of Roman Abramovic. Someone who will fund what we do as a hobby. (Why do they all go for Football Clubs rather than GOOD causes?)  

What’s your biggest achievement since working at Trinity?
I’m not sure there is one Big Achievement, I see my role as a combination of lots of little achievements. If you pressed me on it I guess the appointment of Ellis Whittam, our HR, H&S and Employment Law providers.  

How would your colleagues describe you?
I’m not sure I want to know that! I hope they think I’m conscientious, hardworking and good at what I do.

What might your colleagues be surprised to know about you?
I don’t generally keep my cards close to my chest so they probably know most things about me but they may be surprised to know A) that in a previous life I was Julius Caesar which is ironic because they named a salad after me!  B) I’ve never eaten Foie Gras. Or C) I went to the same school as all these people:

  • Steve McQueen (1983-88) Turner Prize, Palme d’Or, BAFTA
  • Peter Crouch  (1993- 98) selected for England in 2006 World Cup
  • Kevin Taylor (1985-87) Hampshire League 2 top goal scorer 1989/90 & Office Manager Trinity Homeless Projects
  • The Brand New Heavies Music Ensemble
  • Shaparak “Shappi” Khorsandi (1985 – 1990) Comedienne
  • Vernon Coaker Labour MP for Gedling
  • The Revd. Professor Paul Fiddes, DD (Theologian)
  • Sir Michael Fox, Lord Justice of Appeal
  • Charles Palmer OBE, President of the International Judo Federation from 1965–79
  • Rick Wakeman (Rock Musician).
  • Martin Hancock (1981-1985) Actor
  • Stephen Kinnock (1982 – 1988) son of Neil Kinnock and husband of Danish PM
  • Holly Earl (2003 – 2010) Actress

Thank you Kevin! We are so proud of all our staff at Trinity and SHOC. We are highly skilled, hard working and eat way too many biscuits.

Celebrating Our Staff Member of The Year