Charity? This isn’t charity …

Monday 7th September 2015

Steve tells us why he thinks what we do at Trinity is not actually charitable …

It’s estimated the cost of homelessness, mental health treatment, drug and alcohol treatment and the criminal justice system in the UK is upwards of £270 billion annually.

This would cancel the entire debt of half the population of the UK.

We are a registered charity, but actually what we’re doing is not, in my view, charitable. Oh, we fit the Commission’s criteria for public benefit, but we’re not asking for charity.

When we house someone to prevent them from sinking into homelessness, we prevent them from sinking into poor mental health. They can avoid being forced into making poor decisions for themselves about drinking and abusing drugs and the potential for criminal behaviour has been stopped.

When we house someone at risk of or suffering homelessness their choices improve and so do their chances of employment, quality of relationships, self-esteem, purpose and identity. They pay their taxes, borrow money, consume services, purchase electrical stuff and take holidays.

When we do this for the hundreds of people in need of housing in your town the quality of life for the entire community improves as funds are spent on schools and new hospitals.

When this happens for the many thousands across the UK who are suffering homelessness the whole nation gets a lot more prosperous and peaceful.

We’re not asking for charity, we’re working to improve everyone’s life.

Charity? This isn’t charity …