A Life Changing Day – Starting With Yours

Thursday 1st September 2016

We offer a unique experience for your corporate team at our day service in Slough – Sue Serret explains why it will change your team to spend a day with us.

Our Day Centre in Slough, SHOC, served 25,000 meals last year, brokered 130 people into work and provided a lifeline to over 100 people who are sleeping rough in the area. So, it’s hardly surprising to hear time spent at SHOC being described as a ‘life changing experience’ and as ‘an extraordinary place, full of love and learning’. What might surprise you though is that it wasn’t our homeless guests who described their time here in that way – it was staff from Lloyds Bank.

To everyone who walks through the door we provide an environment where the focus is on building people’s strengths. We believe that people have several times more potential for growth when they invest their energy in developing their strengths instead of correcting their deficiencies. All of our staff are NLP Practitioners and model the behaviour they want to see in the people they are working with.

We welcome corporate teams in small groups of around ten people for a truly unique day with us. The morning is spent serving in our centre – from manning the gates and check in desk, helping out in the kitchen to sorting the clothing store – you will be working hard to ensure that all the people we work with are given the lifeline they need that day.

Sue Serret, who facilitates our training, says ‘because I work at the centre every day I forget what it was like to walk through those gates for the first time. The feeling of shock and compassion at the sheer enormity of the problem struck me that first time. Everyone who attends as part of this programme speaks of their surprise at their own preconceptions about homelessness. By the end of the day so much change has taken place, people’s perceptions are transformed and it changes the way they work and live’.

After eating lunch together the group are coached by Sue to reflect on what they have observed about one another, how they worked together and how they felt about being in an environment like SHOC. Volunteering together and then reflecting together, in a safe and trusting environment, has had amazing results for teams. We have seen difficulties in communication and trust resolved and teams who are happier and work better together. The value you are adding to the centre by volunteering almost rivals the value added to your team by spending a day with us. Almost.

A Life Changing Day – Starting With Yours