Delivering Pizza and Cycling to Australia – for Trinity!

Wednesday 8th February 2017

Ed Hack is a computing student at the University of Bournemouth with a background in the street sport of parkour. He has set up not one, but two amazing fundraisers in aid of Trinity:

In June this year, he will deliver pizzas personally to 10 lucky raffle winners wherever in England they live… by bicycle!

And for an even greater feat, he will later cycle from England to Australia – a journey that will take about a year to complete! Throughout the entire journey he aims to spend little to no money on accommodation, instead carrying a tent with him – effectively being homeless.

We asked Ed what inspired him to do this, and why he chose to support Trinity with his fundraising:

“I meet many homeless people through street sports and hear about their struggles, mental health and misfortune. I have no idea how you would EVER recover from a position like it without help from people like you at Trinity. Some of the nicest people I’ve ever met have been homeless and it’s a shame that some see homelessness as a form of failure and look down on them or overlook it.
Also, mental health is something quite close to homelessness and to me personally. I know the turmoil that drugs and mental illness can bring on a person all too well and I wouldn’t want anyone to be trapped alone with it, especially if you’re homeless as well, I mean holy crap, how do you even express that level of mental and physical isolation in writing?

It’s because of this that I wanted to start fundraising, I wanted to try and help more directly and what better a way to do it than be homeless myself out in the world?

I chose to support Trinity because I noticed immediately from your website that you’re very active in the scene and I’m really glad that you deliver permanent stability to people, you fix the root of the problem and actually bring independence to people. You are absolute heroes.
If you think what I’m doing is amazing, I want you know that what you’re doing is twice as amazing!

I’ve done similar journeys in the past but not to this scale. I cycled from Rome to England using just a tent in summer. We spent hardly anything on the trip and it was literally like being homeless as times. I love travelling (but not as a tourist, I dislike travelling comfortably) and meeting people from different places and cultures. I don’t like looking from the outside in, but instead love being a part of something.

One thing I feel could really benefit homeless people is having a bicycle. I think the ability to travel freely is priceless, plus it promotes fitness. Also kit such as small air mattresses could save so much physical damage when sleeping rough. The issue is that you need ‘some’ money to be able to buy such kit or travel anywhere, even on a bike.”

Thank you so very much Ed! You are truly inspiring and we look forward to following your adventures.

Check out Ed’s fundraising pages and sponsor his fantastic initiatives:

Delivering Pizza and Cycling to Australia – for Trinity!