Steve Hedley, CEO, goes to Number 10.

Having spent years carving out, or maybe wringing out, some sort of anti-establishment character for myself, like some sad bloke Jarvis Cocker would sing about, last week I found myself like so many of my pre and post punk heroes, brushing up against the very heart of British establishment.

Upon entering that hallowed ground I was instantly disarmed. Under a desk that sits below a portrait of the Queen was a pile of old boxes and something about that made me feel at home.

Our friend John set up the meeting with a great guy called James. It’s James’s job to end homelessness by 2027. John has been a friend of ours for years now and in between saving the environment and bird watching he helps us out.

The meeting went well, we had tea, John talked about bird watching and I told James how we could house hundreds of thousands of people. James asked me to put it in a memo, so I have.

We’re now waiting to see if we have a meeting with the new Homeless Minister. This week the Minister said she didn’t know what’s causing homelessness. That’s okay, because solutions aren’t found in problems.