Breaking the Cycle

Written by SHOC’s Grants Manager, Sally Russell

We live in a world where everyone wants everything now, it doesn’t matter who they tread on to get it, we just don’t look out for each other, the world is broken.

I recently started work at SHOC.

Having worked in the charity sector for the previous year and having supported SHOC in the past, I thought I knew what I was letting myself in for. I had no idea and nothing could have prepared me for the overwhelming emotion I felt when I visited their Day Service.

It wasn’t the hopeless situation that many of the guests find themselves in or the lack of resources that restricts the service this amazing charity offers that upset me, it was the inequality that broke my heart. How can so many have so much and yet many more have so little?

I can hear you saying, “yes, yes I have heard it all before, it’s just the way it is…”

I want to challenge this and ask the question: why do the rich not help more and why do people not call them out and challenge them?

I was fortunate to be in St Tropez this summer and as is the custom we walked round and had a look at the superyachts. A quick Google search showed this 24-bedroom boat is over half a million pounds to rent for a week!

How do we arrive at the point when we think it’s okay to spend that sort of money to hire a boat for a week, when there are people having to beg because they are suffering homelessness just yards away?

I have been fundraising for a few months now and I know there are many who give to those in need and do amazing things with their money, but there are lots that do not. I’m not blaming the government or the cuts in benefits – it’s easy to do that. This is a much deeper problem to do with greed, and human nature; the more we have the more we want. Do we need another car? Do we need luxury yachts? How is that going to improve the world we live in?

This isn’t just about giving money, not everyone is in a position to do that, it’s about helping and showing love to our fellow human beings; an act of kindness or a smile for someone lonely. We all need to change, me included and open our eyes to see what we can do for others. I will leave you with a poem my daughter wrote when she was 14, if a young person can see what is wrong in the world why can’t we?


We all talk about peace,
All we do is talk, we talk,
Yet as the world falls to pieces,
Away we walk, we walk.

The helpless cry out,
Their cries unheard,
As we ignore them all,
And follow the herd.

The rich, the famous,
The tall, the blonde,
So caught up in the glamour,
That we forget the world beyond.

But the problem’s not that simple,
See, society has it ingrained,
I am just me, what could I do?
It’s all consuming and we are all chained.

So, how to break the cycle,
What to do, what to do?
Maybe it’s quite simple,
Just help those who need you.

The needy, the lost,
The forgotten, the weak,
Maybe all that they need,
Is hope when all seems bleak.

But the world is so broken,
What to say, what to say?
Maybe all that they need is kindness,
To brighten a dark day.

We all talk about peace,
We talk, we talk,
So maybe just for once…
We should stay and not walk.

Emily Russell, Age 14