Winter night shelter stats and feedback


  • 34 people were interviewed for the winter night shelter and 20 accepted a place.
  • 9 out of 20 who attended the winter night shelter were successfully housed and 1 guest was referred to a rehabilitation facility. Out of the remaining guests, 4 were asked to leave due to on-site drug use and anti-social behaviour and 5 failed to return to the shelter. One individual is yet to be housed due to lacking recourse to housing benefit.
  • 6 out of 14 who declined the winter night shelter were housed through Trinity’s reconnections service.
  • 15 out of 34 people interviewed in total have been housed – 10 through Trinity and the remaining 5 through private landlords.
  • 12 (of 20) guests were experiencing difficulties with drugs, alcohol and mental health conditions. Of these, 8 had engaged with various services such as ARCH and adult social care either before or during their stay. These relationships were supported by the winter night shelter staff and Trinity coaches. Further recommendations were also made to guests about how and where to seek additional support e.g. through the provision of literature from Uxbridge Job Centre.
  • 32 unpaid volunteers provided invaluable assistance, cooking for guests and often spending the evening socialising at the winter night shelter. They were recruited and supported by the Night Shelter Manager and Assistant Manager.
  • 269 guest nights were accommodated in the winter night shelter.
  • One guest was referred to a rehabilitation centre within 24 hours, 2 were housed in 24 hours and 3 were housed within 7 days. The average guest’s stay was 14 days.


  • 1 guest had somewhere to stay and discuss concerns before attending rehab.
  • 5 guests have engaged with their local drugs and alcohol service.
  • 2 guests have accepted and begun to engage with adult social care.
  • 3 guests were assisted in applying for the appropriate benefits.
  • 1 guest is engaging with their local mental health service.
  • 2 guests were assisted with locating and registering with a local GP practice.
  • 1 guest recognised and accepted that they required additional support once housed due to their mental health needs.
  • 3 guests are back in employment.

Guest feedback

Average score: 8 out of 10


  • been made to feel welcome from start to finish.
  • I have got very good service, I would like to say thanks alot.
  • I thank the personnel for their kindness. Any dignity I received I am thankful for.
  • everything was good, I really enjoyed it.


  • would have been nice to stay all day.
  • a washing machine would have been helpful.
  • everyone lied to us only to return us to the streets…a disgrace.
    (Note: the people who originally made these comments have now been positively relocated with the correct support and are now currently housed in a rehabilitation facility in their local area)