Work Experience Blog: Alice

Thursday 15th August 2019

For my work experience, I worked at Trinity which was definitely a new experience and allowed me to explore the different types of work there is.

From this experience, I gained the understanding of what Trinity do and how many parts and teams there are involved. I worked with my auntie who is Head of Partnerships where each day was a different and new experience from meetings, networking events and organising upcoming fun events. By working in an office it showed me an option in the future of working and whether that is the direction I would like to go in. I also feel my confidence has improved and I have surprised myself with the tasks and achievements I have completed. Some days were spent busy doing admin and creating and others out and about. It was always a variety and showed me you always have to be productive and always have your brain turned on as any problem could happen.

After my time working at Trinity, you have a realisation of the character you need to be and how you need to act as being judgemental will not work. There were some days where people that had been previously on the streets that came in or even struggling now and everyone in the office was so welcoming if they were new and even if they always come in it was just a normal happy atmosphere and so understanding.

Furthermore, I had a moment at some point after my experience where I kind of just looked over everything I did and just thought about what I saw and what the people at Trinity do every day while I’m busy at school. During my work time, I was also faced with meeting lots of new people – about 14 new people who worked in the office and in the Uxbridge and Hayes Trinity shop. This allowed me to challenge my communication skills and be confident as each day I knew them more and more and were really welcoming, friendly and funny. I am happy with my decision of choosing to work at Trinity as it wasn’t as I expected and I really enjoyed completing my responsibilities and feeling I have helped out and have been part of something. Even though, working in an office was different it did help me realise it is not the career path I would like to go with as my first choice but I do enjoy being busy with admin and the organising. My favourite part of my work experience was when I went to the networking breakfast event as I had never experienced something like it before and with being in that business and busy atmosphere.

Overall, I really enjoyed work experience at Trinity and feel I am coming away with new life skills and a different understanding on what they do.

If you would like to volunteer at Trinity as part of your work experience, please visit our Volunteering page.

Work Experience Blog: Alice