New Corporate Engagement Opportunity: Connections

Homelessness is considered a personal and a moral failing, when it’s actually a structural problem. There aren’t enough houses and there isn’t enough social care. People suffering homelessness are forced to live in the open – they sleep, eat and stay in public spaces, often subject to daily public scrutiny, condemnation and sometimes violence.
Homeless people face stigmatisation, criminalisation and discrimination and are regarded as undeserving. We are forecasting over 550 people will be forced to sleep rough in Slough and Hillingdon in the next 12 months. Our response is clear, we need to keep people safe and alive whilst assisting people into a home or at least a bed for the night.

‘CONNECTIONS’ is a day to connect…

Connect with people
Connect with charity
Connect with responsibility
Connect with your team mates
Connect with yourself

‘CONNECTIONS’ is a team building event that accelerates self-awareness, challenges perceptions and provokes meaningful responses.
We welcome small teams between 6-10 people.

Our concrete promise is: Spend a day with us – we house someone for a whole year.
We don’t believe that individuals are solely responsible for how their lives worked out- no person is an island after all – it takes a whole community to end homelessness. Slough and Uxbridge are home to some of the world’s largest businesses and most recognisable brands and Heathrow Airport is the UK’s primary gateway to the world.
Come and be part of the solution.

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