Thought for the Week from Steve Hedley, CEO, Trinity & SHOC.

Over 20 years ago, I began work with Trinity as an Accommodation Manager. As I came to a halt at a traffic light near one of our houses, I considered; what was I bringing to work today? What was my state? Was I still stewing over the row last night or tired from staying up to watching TV? I considered what could distract me from being fully present with my residents? Over time as I developed the habit of doing this, I developed a mantra, an anchor, that fast-tracked me to remind me of what was important…’just this.’

Most of our time is spent in the past or in the future, rather than the present moment. What we end up doing is passing through that moment on the way to somewhere else and we end up missing that moment. That's how life ends up passing us by - we do it to ourselves.
Not being present is easy. There are bills to pay, kids to pick up, doctor's appointments and reports to write, books to read, plans to make, loved ones to miss and the list goes on and on.
With all that going on, past and future, it's no wonder that presence is so elusive and if my presence is elusive, then I am elusive. If I’m elusive when I interact, then that’s the effect I have which results in the response that I get.

In an increasingly contactless society, at a time where distance and isolation have become so important, how much more important is our presence, especially with people for whom contact, closeness and connection is the antidote for rejection, separation and addiction.

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