Thought for the Week from Debra Harrison, Rent Team, Trinity & SHOC.

We live in a world where life can change in a heartbeat.

In the past year I have learnt that you should hold on to the things in life that are most important to you. Family, friends, home, work, hobbies. I have learnt that small gestures make a big difference, and that you can make someone’s day purely by letting them know you’re by their side.

The hectic pace of life that so many of us had become accustomed to is no longer prevalent. The air is cleaner, the rivers and streams are clearer, people patiently wait in queues and there is less traffic, meaning less pollution and less road rage. Animals wonder through almost empty streets and people smile and say hello. There is community spirit. We realise the people who are the most valuable to us, the NHS, retail staff, transport workers, to name a few.

Without realising it, we adapt easily and one day we just look back and find that our lives are now more peaceful, happier and filled with only the important things.

Whilst I have no doubt that our current pace of life will not remain like this forever, I have hope that we will at least remember when we cared for our environment, when we cared for others, and when the little things became more important to us. I hope that we have learnt a lesson from our previous mistakes, and that our future will be a more peaceful one.

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