We will beat this.

‘We’re all doomed!"  The phrase that kept coming into my head that first week of lockdown.

Panic soon set in, and yes, I did buy more toilet roll than I probably should have done, and yes, I did start to envision a life full of doom, gloom and loneliness.

Being in the office made me anxious – Did I have the virus? Would I pass it to colleagues? What could/couldn’t I touch? Those first few days became a roller coaster of emotions, which were probably the cause of my imaginary illness at that time. My hands became red raw, and extremely wrinkled from rigorous washing, it was like my skin was too big for me. I would wash my shopping when I got home, and walk in the road to avoid strangers.

A face mask was my new fashion accessory (and I wasn’t ashamed to wear it), and my thermometer came everywhere with me. I still remember the strange looks from my neighbours as I took my temperature sitting in my car before setting off for work.

Thankfully I came to my senses.

Talking with my colleagues showed me that we all felt the same, we all had our own concerns and we all had our own newly formed obsessions. Life had changed, and we needed to change with it.

Our Management team quickly put new procedures into place, and between us we worked out a plan to make sure that together we could still fit the pieces and work as effectively as possible. We adapted.

The Trinity shop reopened this week, and as I sat in the newly revamped office, I could hear the hustle and bustle, customers telling staff how much they had missed us and clearly being delighted to be back. It made me happy.

It’s not always been easy, but as we journey into our ‘new normal’, I know that by working together we will beat this.


Debbie Harrison - Rent Recovery Officer

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