Coaching Week Ahead

This week in Trinity we have had the pleasure in witnessing six approved LBH housing applications under the SPWG Programme; four out of the six have officially moved into their new homes and two are moving out this week.

Additionally coaches have supported another three Housing Association applications to Notting Hill Genesis which have been approved, this has resulted in these residents moving into their new homes this week and moving on into Independent Living. Here’s to the future for all of these individuals!

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We have gained a new House in our Slough Supported Accommodation and we are now interviewing referrals to successfully fill this and our other houses in Slough.

It is always warming to see someone open the opportunity to pursue their hobbies and interests in life, a resident in Hillingdon Supported Accommodation was awarded funding from Job Centre to start his own business. Just this week he has started working on his Mental Health Web design app, we can’t wait to see what develops. Furthermore, one resident of our men’s stage one property has had a busy week… Signing up for a local GP and commencing a CSCS course through Uxbridge Probation.

A resident of our HomeFree project (in which we house and financially support EEA nationals who have No Recourse to Public Funds, with a view to them finding work and becoming self-reliant) has over the course of her tenancy successfully saved up to renew her passport and national ID card. These documents will give her greater access to employment and travel.

Four residents have set up payment plans towards paying off their rent arrears and have received coaching on budgeting and living skills, coaches have referred four more residents to IPS (Individual Placement Support) for further support in gaining employment training and opportunities.

Capitalizing on the UK’s easement of lock-down regulations, one resident has begun volunteering at our recently re-opened Hayes Furniture Store. He is looking to gain some experience in the work place and develop a healthy routine. He has also been referred to IPS (Individual Placement and Support), who will assist him into paid employment once he is ready.

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