Thought for the weekend

Have courage - Be kind - Stand in your own light...

We need courage to speak about how we feel, deal with things that challenge us, speak up for things that mean something to us, protect ourselves and those we care about as well as those who need us to speak on their behalf.

But it’s also important to be kind and for me it’s the simplicity of just being kind to ourselves and others that changes everything. It feels so good, and does not mean being a pushover or allowing others to take from you, it is not a weakness. Being kind to ourselves and others is underrated and very powerful - it's a gift.

We don’t always have to shout to be heard. Be yourself - comfortable in your own skin - don’t shy away from what you believe for the sake of others - Stand in your own light!

Doing all three things will bring peace and gain respect for ourselves and from others- In practice it could change the world!

- Shaleen Simmonds, Resident Coach

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