Coaching Week Ahead

In the UK 44% of people forced to sleep rough report that they have issues with their mental health and 41% report using alcohol or drugs as a method to cope. At Trinity 56% of our residents report poor mental health and 19% problematic drug or alcohol use, often labelled addiction. Addiction is a disease where the path to recovery can be long and painful and it only starts when someone admits they have a problem.

This week, one of or residents decided this for himself and after weeks of refusing support, reached out for help. We believe the environment we create that is both supportive and challenging at Trinity allows people the space and time to experience one of life’s most powerful events, a decision…and we will be walking right alongside him as he works through the effects of his decision.

Home Free is a project for people forced to sleep rough with no recourse to public funds. We provide free housing, free bills and a weekly allowance for food and travel for three months. During this time people are offered one to one coaching to assist them to find employment. Once they have a job and at the end of three months they can stay as long as they like as long as they pay their rent. This week three Home Free residents started their training to work legitimately on building sites.

Three residents have started taking therapy, two residents are starting work in our Furniture Stores, four residents have sorted out their finances (no mean feat!) and one resident has been signed by a semi-pro football club.

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