Coaching Week Ahead

‘To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow’ (Audrey Hepburn); expressing hope for what is to come and gratitude for what is already here. This week two Trinity residents have seen a return on their hope and gratitude, with blossoming flowers now decorating their garden after two months of nurturing. 

This isn’t the only form of growth we’ve seen this week: one resident has found employment as a kitchen porter; another has had her contract extended at a textiles company and a tenant of our Men’s stage one property has gone back to college to complete his functional skills in Maths and English.

04-08 CWA Cows

Four more residents have shown dedication to their wellbeing by making contact with health services, with one registering with a GP and three engaging with local mental health support. And that’s not all! …

Last week, one resident moved into his new property with Notting Hill Genesis and is currently getting to know the neighbours (see left) and two more residents are in the process of starting NHG tenancies. Fittingly, Resident Coaches Shaleen and Natalie have been working on a ‘Move on Pack’ for residents flying the Trinity nest – so watch this space!

Four residents have set up repayment plans with another marking ¾ of his arrears paid off. In employment, one resident has had their work contract extended by a month and another is beginning work as a kitchen porter.

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