The temporary ban on evictions is due to end on August 23rd and many fear a huge spike in homelessness. Research from Shelter forecasts 230,000 people facing homelessness risks. This will also affect all of those helped by the #EveryoneIn campaign that saw over 5000 rough sleepers moved into emergency accommodation, with all that good now at risk of being wasted, if evictions can resume.

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The Scottish government however, have stated that evictions will not resume for people sleeping rough, and that they can remain in hotels until suitable accommodation can be found. This is a strong decision given that the number of people being registered as homeless in Scotland rose by nearly 20% during June.

Nicola Sturgeon herself, leader of the SNP and First Minister of Scotland has stated that she feels too few countries have an objective of eradicating homelessness in sight.


Additionally CRISIS have called for legislative changes to be put in place to ensure homelessness does not rise during the pandemic.

As 1 in 5 parents who rent their home are currently suffering the fear that they and their family could find themselves homeless, these changes may very well be needed.

HomelessLink have partnered with the FrameWorks Institute to create a project, published on CRISIS’ website, to change the way homelessness is perceived, through shifting the way we think about rough sleepers and realising that the measures to end homelessness is well within our grasp. 

In local news, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Slough have generously donated 250 reusable hand-made face masks to Slough Outreach, for the use of Slough's rough sleeping population.

Prince William has visited the “Safer Off The Streets” partnership, to see how charities working with rough sleepers have been handling the pandemic, and what measures can be taken to prevent people returning to the streets as lockdown eases.

It is always a breath of fresh air to hear someone in the Duke of Cambridge’s position talk about homelessness in this way, stating a positive message that we have a chance to crack down on it following the #EveryoneIn project and “we've just got to be a bit brave and a bit bold to get it done.”

We have witnessed the fight against homelessness be given a boost across the country, Plymouth had a huge boost to support it’s rough sleepers at the end of June and Bournemouth has stories a plenty of people moving on to long-term accommodation following their placement in emergency accommodation.

An interesting project is planned to roll out in Cambridge, new “pods,” designed to serve as a transition for rough sleepers before suitable permanent accommodation can be found for them. 

Lastly, an incredible £5.5m has been made available for homelessness charities across the country.

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  1. That’s the Duke of Cambridge. The Duke of York is a filthy old nonce that no charity would have nothing to do with.

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