One of our long term residents, Ashley, recently came into the office to return his Trinity keys.

I clearly remember when he first came to us looking for help following a series of events which meant he could no longer stay at his previous property.

This tall, imposing figure, was a man down on his luck who just needed that little bit of support that so many of our residents do. Of course this is one of the many reasons that Trinity exist, and we were more than happy to take him under our wing and offer him the support he had asked for.   

Always being someone who enjoyed working, it was balancing that fine line between earning a minimum wage and claiming benefits that had been hard for Ashley to manage. Navigating the whole benefits system can be a daunting experience, especially if you have other life struggles going on, and this had been a particularly difficult time for him.

But Ashley was a determined young man. So much so that I recall he would walk the seven miles from home to his job in the early hours of the morning just so he could work. I also remember a time when he held down two jobs, and going straight from one to the other without a break, now that’s what I call hardcore!

I’m not saying it was an easy journey. Sometimes it would seem as though he was taking one step forward and two back, but he never gave up. He engaged well with Trinity and after two years with us, he is now debt free with his rent and has obtained housing through the local authority.

We were happy to see that same young man walking into the office, this time with a spring in his step and a look of excitement for the future ahead. And as he sauntered off into our furniture shop to buy some bits for his new home, we couldn’t help but feel extremely pleased. Ashley, we wish you all the best for the future!


Written by our very own, Debra Harrison.

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