Coaching Week Ahead

This has been a week of achievements for our residents at Trinity, with two starting part time employment, both of whom are approaching moving on to independent living! Furthermore one individual has started a 10 day detox to address alcoholism and another two in Slough have been placed on a CSCS course.

A story this week comes from one resident, “J” who joined us from a YMCA where he had lived for two years. After some encouragement he agreed to go for an eye test with our resident coach Sam to accompany him, as he had been finding himself squinting a lot during hobbies which was becoming an annoyance. It turns out J was far-sighted, Sam was also able to assist with picking out a pair of glasses!

We have seen one resident in Hillingdon complete a Level 3 Personal trainer Course and our Slough Rent Clinic has continued to assist residents there.

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