Coaching Week Ahead

In July 2020, after pulling the nation out of the depths of Covid-19’s first wave, the NHS celebrated 72 years of providing free and fair healthcare. This birthday makes the NHS 28 years older than the average UK rough sleeper, a figure which puts into perspective the dramatic impact street homelessness has on both mental and physical health. An impact that is fatal.

Due to this, fostering relationships with health and wellbeing services is key to the our Coaching Team’s work and this week one resident has been referred to Adult Social Services for a care act assessment, another has been awarded Personal Independence Payment and another two are in the process of applying.

One resident of our female-only accommodation has reached a monumental 50 days clean from Heroin due to support from Arch and her Resident Coach and in similarly exciting news, another has passed his DBS check to become a fully-qualified Care Assistant!

Wellbeing is the bedrock which feeds into all other areas of our lives, with housing as a key contributor. Due to their new homes, one resident from our HomeFree project (for those with No Recourse to Public Funding) has opened a bank account, another has applied for their ‘pre-settled status’ due to sustaining employment. Furthermore, two tenants have rebuilt relationships with their families and moved back home.

In more housing news, one resident is now bidding on Locata for a council property and another has recently viewed a potential candidate for their new home. Wishing them all the luck in the world!

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