Booze, Boredom and Birdhouses

'I started drinking heavily when my relationship broke down with my partner and I had to leave the family home. I tried many times to stop drinking but it became so bad that I was soon homeless. I couldn’t give up drinking on the streets and would attempt suicide each time I tried. The guilt was overwhelming. I was referred to emergency accommodation last year and soon offered a room at Trinity. My Coach talked to me about keeping busy (especially during lockdown).

I am very creative and practical so I decided to make Bird Houses. I contacted my old employer and they donated wooden pallets so I had materials. Everyone is really impressed and starting asking for one. I’m not ready to mass produce just yet, but you never know what the future holds, so watch this space!.

I’m going to start on the Garden now the weather is getting warmer and it’s going to be the best garden in Trinity. This activity stopped me feeling suicidal and has given me another purpose to get up out of bed and stay sober. I appreciate the support of Trinity, especially my Coach. I had Coronavirus and still kept myself busy. I am a survivor but I couldn’t do this without the support of my Coach, thank you.’


Boredom can be problematic for anyone, but for people in addiction recovery, boredom can be dangerous. Being bored in recovery can result in a number of regretful decisions as people search for entertainment, excitement and feelings of connection.

Perhaps the most significant danger of boredom is addiction relapse. Relapse is always unsafe, but especially early in recovery. Without a steady supply of drugs, the brain begins to lose its tolerance to substances. If the person then consumes a high dose, an overdose is likely since the brain is not prepared for the effects.

 Our Coaches at Trinity are skilled at supporting people like Bernie to stay sober and live meaningful lives. It is through this daily positive connection with residents that we are able to provide space and time for people to address the reasons that caused them to experience homelessness and to demonstrate an alternative lifestyle that is a proven long-term solution to homelessness.

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