Ryan’s Story

A Story of personal drive, perseverance and achievement.

5 years ago I was living with my Gran as there had been a breakdown in my relationship with my family. My Gran was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and I would help to take care of her. Unfortunately, she became very poorly and she needed full time care and went into a home. Care Homes are very expensive so they sold my Grans house and I had nowhere to go. The family gave me 1 month to find somewhere else but it was impossible.

My confidence crashed and my mental health was severely affected that I was thinking of ending my life. I was referred to Trinity and moved into a house with 5 other people. It was really weird at first as its strange to live with people you don’t know. I had a Coach, who really helped me to settle in. They helped me to come out of my shell and regain my confidence. I received support from the Mental Health Team and felt that life was worth living again. I met with my Coach every day at first so we could plan small steps to help me move forward and become more independent.

As my confidence grew and my mental health improved I moved into more independent accommodation with 2 other people which felt good. I was referred for my own place and I can’t believe that it happened really quickly. Putting my key in the door for the first time was so surreal. I took a moment before opening the door to let it sink in. I want to thank Trinity for all the support they have given me over the last 5 years as they helped me get myself back again.

Thank you to my Coach Terrence who has helped me decorate and encouraged me to work on my relationship with my family again. Finally, somewhere I can call home.’



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