Welcome to the team, Anna!

Anna Lin shares her experience and excitement about joining our ending homeless project. 

"I was attracted to the letter Steve Hedley wrote for the Job Pack for the role of Resident Coach which prompted me to look at the Trinity website in more detail. Instantly I felt aligned with Trinity and their company principles, beliefs and values.

I hold dear the belief that everyone has in it within themselves to self-actualise and reach a potential that isn’t always clear. I am learning what skills I have every day and Trinity offers me space, time and understanding to find my own excellence. So I am passionate about being a resource for people to find their own way, make up their own minds and believe in their own capabilities of making changes.

The team at Trinity have a non-judgmental attitude and an abundance of compassion for what they do. I have felt the rapport, trust and creativity that arises from the ready acceptance of every person who steps through the doors of Trinity."

Anna Lin.


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