A story of Transformation!

This one belongs to Remus Bont.

Preparing our residents for independent living is one of the things we pride ourselves in. Our coaches work closely with our residents around different areas which range from addressing mindset challenges to building or restoring the skills needed to find a job, managing a tenancy and overall preparation for the life they want to lead. 

When people are given the right environment to change and find solutions themselves, wonderful things happen. Remus is a great example of what our residents can do in a short period of time. Remus has been with us for only two months and has already achieved outstanding results. He has renewed his ID, applied for a new passport, applied for settle status and engaged with the local GP.

Remus is also in the process of applying for a CSCS Card training course that will help him get a job in the Construction Industry. He is extremely determined to work on things that will provide him with a better future.

We all deserve a better life, let’s end homelessness together.

Remus Bont Trinity Picture

Remus Bont.

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