Glimpse of Brilliance – GoB

Nominated of the week: Carole Taylor

Glimpse of Brilliance or ‘GoB’, is all about highlighting the positivity of things. A concept with a unique and amazing idea to appreciate and shout about the fantastic achievements from a member of our team. 

For this week’s ‘GoB’ the team has nominated Carole Taylor for her magnificent job since she started with us as a Resident Coach at Trinity a couple of months ago, providing support to our residents as soon as they walk through the door!

Carole Resident coach Trinity homeless

Carole has built rapport and trust with her residents very quickly. She is true to herself and clearly shares our passion for helping others to find their path.

By her efforts and dedication, she has settled into the coaching role. It honestly feels as if Carole has been with us for years.

Carole loves her job and is fully committed to ending homelessness. We, as individuals, have a lot to learn from her! And this is just the beginnings. We cannot wait to share more of her knowledge and experience with

Well done Carole, we are proud to have you in our team.

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