A lovely morning with our little superhero Aashi

Our Resident Coach, Sonia Walters, has spent a lovely morning at our sister charity SHOC with our little superhero Aashi, who has visited SHOC and brought so many donations that we needed as many hands as possible to help her bringing them in!

Aashi's family run a Facebook group called 'Aashi's Helping Hands' from which they support other charities by donating food and other items regularly. They got in touch with Sonia via her Facebook Group 'Help the Homeless Hillingdon' asking if it'd be possible to make a donation to her community. Sonia referred them to SHOC, our sister charity, where donations are always more than welcome. From food to clothing, these donations are vital for our organisations because they allow us to keep on providing meals and supporting people suffering from the effects of homelessness.

Trinity Homeless Project Aashi Shoc

But, these donations weren't enough for Aashi! She wanted to deliver a second round of donations at the Direct Access service for those sleeping rough in Hillingdon. During the visit, Sonia noticed that they needed some basic items such as milk, eggs or cheese to cook pasta for the residents. She decided to get in touch with Tesco's Community Champion Julie Timberlake from Yiewsley, who positively answered saying that they would supply those items plus ready meals that are very handy, especially for residents that arrive at the last minute or late hours during the night.

Trinity Homeless Prohect Aashi Shoc 2

Finally, and to end this day full of kindness and supportiveness, Sonia had the opportunity to spend some time and have lunch with Aashi and her family.

Trinity Homeless project aashi 3

We appreciate the effort of our supporters very much, and this time the big thanks go to our little superstar Aashi.

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