Douglas Smith’s Story

When you do not have a place to sleep at night, it can feel like your life is shrouded in endless darkness.

We formed SHOC and Trinity because there are far too many people in that kind of situation. We are committed to bringing happiness back into the lives of people who suffer from homelessness in Hillingdon and Slough and the surrounding areas.

Douglas Smith fondly remembers what we did for him when he was struggling. “They helped me in lots of ways,” he said. “When I had nowhere to live, they gave me a tent.”

Unfortunately, further challenges lay ahead for Douglas. “It soon got nicked from where I put it,” he explained. “I went back the next night to go home, and it was gone.”

After he lost his tent, we helped him find a more permanent residence. “They are wonderful people,” Douglas gratefully recalls. “When I was homeless, they helped me put a roof over my head – first in Slough, then High Wycombe.”

Our support is not limited to finding housing. We also make sure the people we help have something to eat. “If you haven’t got any food, they give you a food voucher,” Douglas explains. “And then you can go and get whatever you want from the church on Windsor Road.”



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