Hanna P. – Helping the Somalian Diaspora

Hanna is an extraordinary woman. She set up a charity to help victims of domestic violence in Somalia escape from their situations and move to safer environments.

“There are both very good and very bad people in Somalia. There is a war going on. One Somalian tried to take his kids and his wife back to Somalia, which is not safe. But we are fighting to become a normal country.”

Many Somalians are now citizens of other countries, in parts of the world as diverse as Denmark and the USA. They often enjoy a happy existence far away from the dangers of their homeland.

However, Hanna explains, many Somalians transport their relatives back to Somalia. Then they call her using the number advertised on her charity’s Facebook page, asking for help. Many of her callers are teenagers, and she arranges safe passage for them from Somalia back to the countries they now call home.

“They deserve to live a beautiful life no matter what crimes their parents have committed,” Hanna says.

Hanna could not do her amazing work without her fellow Somalians worldwide, who donate money to her charity. She would also be lost without the help of Trinity, who have provided her with a safe and happy place to live and work since December 2020.

“Trinity has done a huge amount for me, and I’m so grateful that I’m living with them,” Hanna says. “My life is very safe, and I feel very lucky and proud to live with them. They will be in my life until I die.”

She continues, “Without Trinity, I could not do the work I’m doing. They give me freedom; they give me a home; they give me everything. They tell me, Hanna, keep doing what you’re doing. You’re an amazing woman doing huge work.”

Hanna also has a message for anyone experiencing struggles in their lives. “You have to fight. My life is fighting. Every second, every minute, I have to fight.”


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