The letters SHOC not only stand for Slough Homeless Our Concern but much more!

We know how important the work we do at SHOC is for the homeless people of Slough. The world can be a harsh place for all of us, but for them, it is often much worse, and they need people like us in their corner fighting to keep them safe and happy.

The letters SHOC stand for Slough Homeless Our Concern but the place itself stands for so much more: the right to a home, the promise of a warm meal and a kind word and the comfort of laughter, love and friendship at the darkest of times. SHOC welcomes all with open arms; it doesn’t ask questions like ‘why, what and how’, it just says ‘yes, come in, have a cup of tea and let’s be together'.

Our staff reflect this attitude perfectly. Mandy, our Head of Day Services, has a wonderfully positive attitude to life and does not hesitate to help with whatever you need. She engages our community with her quick wit, compassion and firm belief that every problem has its own unique solution. And every time you fall, Mandy will pick you up and put a smile back on your face.

Lee, our Health and Wellbeing Coach, provides a vital service to many people who depend on us for support. If our guests need help with prescriptions or medical appointments, she is the one to call. And she is delightful too - she approaches life with a contagiously sunny disposition and brings hope and light to all.

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