We are just 6 weeks away from our 8th Big SleepOut!

So why do we do it? I’ll be frank…

  1. Homelessness has more than doubled in London since 2010.
  2. People are dying on the streets of our community. In 2016. Let that sink in… 
  3. What Trinity and SHOC does is effective. In a time where overall funding has shrunk, we have grown, supported and housed hundreds of people – thanks in part to the thousands who have taken part in previous Big SleepOuts.
  4. By taking part, you get to experience rough sleeping, you get to raise money for us, and you actually save lives.
  5. That’s it. That is why we ask you to do it. One night. In a box. Saving Lives.

Sign up today for the Biggest SleepOut Ever – be a part of the solution to ending homelessness in your community.