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Together we can end homelessness

We are a community of over 500 people living and working together to end homelessness

We are Trinity: A society of equals

We are Trinity because like many before us, we believe in the power of Trinity as a model of how community works. The word Trinity – (Tri-une) means three in one. In the Christian tradition this means, one God in three equally divine persons.

If we were to take this, not so much as a belief, but more as a structure, this then becomes a model. For us the model would look like this; the one is the reason for our existence, it is our purpose, to end homelessness; everything we do is in service to this, and our three is our structure, equality in our community, our place and our values.

As Trinity is understood as a model of persons, so our community is made up of people, filling places and living values, each person’s will is equal.

The Trinity is a story about sacrifice, letting go, and submission to one another’s will in love, and this lays the

foundation for a society of equals, a society in which dialogue and consensus are the basic constituents of living together in the world.

When we embrace and implement Trinity as understood as a model of community, all hierarchical structures and authoritarian attitudes that have caused many to become suppressed and alienated are overcome. It is then possible to surmount authoritarian notions of power and control and to recover a vision of community as a loving activity in whose life and work we participate in; this vision can reorder the world in more just and loving ways.

This in turn will enable us to reflect on the forms and quality of the relationships in which we participate. Far from reinforcing hierarchy, which promotes subordination, a proper understanding of the relationships of the Trinity radically reinterprets relations within, families, organisations, neighbourhoods, communities, and society at large.

A Fairer Society

Equality is interrelated with freedom; my safety, development and freedom is inextricably linked to yours. I can only end homelessness, when you do and vice versa. We encourage social collaboration through partnership, non-hierarchical forms of organisation, and volunteering. We envision a society of voluntary associations and local communities, based on a network of mutual support. 

We promote self-organisation and the cultivation of a participatory culture, encouraging individuals to “do things for themselves”. We uphold direct action as a means for people to achieve change without subordinating their own agency. We form flat structures without any fixed leadership.

Submission to one another’s will in love includes necessary conflict, so what works in practise is; we disagree, we question, challenge and commit and we hold one-another accountable for behaviours that achieve our purpose. How we do this is; we trust. Not predictive trust where we know ‘what we’re gonna get’, more like the trust that comes from ‘going out on a limb’, not knowing the response. The choice to be vulnerable is to trust that, what you have to say will be received and contributes to the dialogue and consensus. That’s why vulnerability is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it takes great strength – the belief in your convictions, and confidence in your own value. In short, it takes courage. And that courage is incredibly important to our success –believing in our convictions and having confidence to be ourselves and speak up is what pushes us to achieving our purpose.

By letting go of who you think you are supposed to be, and how you think you are supposed to behave and think, you will use less energy to trying to control your image and just be yourself. And when you are yourself, it stands to reason it’s easier to build authentic relationships and make real connections precisely because you are being authentic to start with. This vulnerability removes all fear of conflict, making the Trinity a perfect model for a community.

We value resilience because it’s the key, not only to how to ‘get back up and carry on’, it also contains learning about the structures of our beliefs and capabilities – our strengths. We believe our resilience comes from our capability to trust, which makes us more authentic, more ourselves, which then makes us more resilient, and so on…Authenticity, Resilience and Trust – the ART of Trinity.

Our approach

Our teams are established through identifying capability, clarity of purpose and the ART of Trinity and are self-managing, setting the structure, balance and value of the team.

We believe in human rights. Everyone has the right to a home (Article 25 Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Disruption is a response to unfair authority, and in our case, unfair systems – the housing market. We disrupt traditional housing routes and the stigma attached to social housing through creating a new system based on different rules, that includes everyone. We don’t reject society, we recreate it.

We are a community recognising that good ideas can start with anyone, and problems can be turned on their head to create solutions. Trinity is a sustainable model, and organising ourselves into neighbourhoods and communities has created autonomous networks of support.

Principles such as decentralisation, anti-authoritarianism and mutual aid, were key influences on new social movements of the late-20th century, particularly within the rise of environmental concern and resulting green politics. Environmental impact has always been a concern for us, especially as a housing charity. Our Social Enterprise saves over 1,000 tons of C02 per year, making Trinity carbon negative.

We established Policy Governance in the design and concept of Trinity. This is a model that focusses on the ends being met by the means employed. Our resilience comes from trust which makes us more authentic.

We create the society we seek, embodying the social relations, decision-making and culture that empowers everyone to achieve that utmost human experience…

We are Trinity

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