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Having spent years carving out, or maybe wringing out, some sort of anti-establishment character for myself, like some sad bloke Jarvis Cocker would sing about, last week I found myself like so many of my pre and post punk heroes, brushing up against the very heart of British establishment. Upon entering that hallowed ground I… View Article

Jeremy Corbyn visits SHOC

Staff members and clients at Slough Homeless Our Concern were treated to a very special visit yesterday afternoon, as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn MP and Slough MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi popped by. Jeremy and Tan chatted – and listened – to the clients, as they expressed some of the issues surrounding homelessness. The visit follows… View Article

Begging on the Street Makes Me Feel Uncomfortable

Fundraising isn’t all about the money – wait, what? Emma Cantrell explains. People asking me for money in the street make me feel uncomfortable – how do you know what the money will be spent on? Can you really trust what that person is saying? Isn’t there more I can do than just hand over… View Article

From grand ideals to reality … how do we get there?

Eoin, our Housing Director, shares our plans for protecting our supported housing and coaching from proposed Government policy changes whilst adding social purpose into the private rental market. We are working for a fairer society and we believe everyone has the right to a home – but the outlook for people at risk of homelessness… View Article

10 Years to end homelessness? Yes we can.

Steve Hedley, CEO, discusses the need for hope, optimism and courage when working out how to solve the world’s problems “Yes, we can.” Obama said it, Nike trade on it, Coaches coach it and all optimists believe it. I was called an optimist last week, and yes, I am. For me, a life without hope… View Article

Who Matters?

Picture the scene: you have a job, which you go to every day. You do a good job. One day you’re late, because you weren’t feeling well or your bus was stuck in traffic. Obviously your employer docks your pay, right? Not just for the time you were missing though, for an entire week or… View Article

System Change

Steve, Trinity CEO, asks what needs to change in the homeless sector in order for us to beat homelessness in our communities … Was I in the wrong room? I was at a national conference discussing the state of the homelessness sector in the UK with professionals in the field; I understood the jargon, most… View Article

Our Landlords Aren’t Rogue – They Share Our Values

This week BBC One’s panorama set out to expose ‘unscrupulous landlords getting millions of pounds from the taxpayer for housing people in cramped and poor quality accommodation’, which it certainly did. It showed some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the UK living in the type of squalid conditions that you would expect… View Article

The beginning of a new journey? 2 Hours at the Civic Centre Housing department

img source Every Wednesday at the Civic Centre in Hillingdon, Trinity holds a 4 hour interview session for single men who are homeless and need somewhere to live. Housing provided by the local authority is allocated according to need – the men we interview come bottom of the priority pile; they have no dependents, they… View Article