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Delivering Pizza and Cycling to Australia – for Trinity!

Ed Hack is a computing student at the University of Bournemouth with a background in the street sport of parkour. He has set up not one, but two amazing fundraisers in aid of Trinity: In June this year, he will deliver pizzas personally to 10 lucky raffle winners wherever in England they live… by bicycle!… View Article

Sleeping rough for his birthday – Nick Hughes, SEGRO

Nick Hughes is The Director of Marketing and Communications at SEGRO. He has chosen to spend his 50th birthday with us at The Big SleepOut 2016, and is encouraging people to sponsor his fundraising instead of giving him gifts! Together with many of his colleagues, he will spend the night in a cardboard box, and… View Article

Introducing Our Performers at The Big SleepOut 2016: Paolo Morena!

Paolo Giuseppe Sergio Morena – Singer/Songwriter Born into a musical family with a wealth of live and studio experience with a number of bands, Paolo is now best known as a live loop artist. His show is a spellbinding mix of original compositions, created live non stage using half a dozen instruments, an amazing voice… View Article

Five Weeks To Go!!!

There are just FIVE WEEKS to go before The Big SleepOut 2016! Five weeks to register, raise money, and save lives in your community. Five weeks to get your colleagues and friends to join you. Five weeks to be part of the solution to end homelessness. From midnight you will be alone in your box… View Article

Introducing Our Performers at The Big SleepOut 2016: Brandon Block!

Brandon Block is back for The Big SleepOut 2016! His performance last year was an absolute hit, and we are very happy to have him back again this year! Brandon has carried a legendary status tag ever since being one of the first residents on the Space Terrace, Ibiza, where he alongside Alex P was… View Article


We are just 6 weeks away from our 8th Big SleepOut! So why do we do it? I’ll be frank… Homelessness has more than doubled in London since 2010. People are dying on the streets of our community. In 2016. Let that sink in…  What Trinity and SHOC does is effective. In a time where… View Article

“There is no need to beg on the streets in 2016”

The BBC asked charities to respond to the ASA’s banning of Nottingham anti-begging posters – Read our thoughts below. Nottingham City Council recently ran a poster campaign advising people not to give money to beggars, claiming that the money would be spent on drugs and alcohol, and that many beggars actually are frauds. The Advertising… View Article

“There are not many things you do for charity that bring the message right home”

Melanie Walker took part in The Big SleepOut 2015, we asked her to tell us why …  It all started with me signing up to the Moonwalk!  A moonlit powerwalk of 26.2 miles around London in a bra! Raising lots of money and having the support of lots of my family and friends including the… View Article

Begging on the Street Makes Me Feel Uncomfortable

Fundraising isn’t all about the money – wait, what? Emma Cantrell explains. People asking me for money in the street make me feel uncomfortable – how do you know what the money will be spent on? Can you really trust what that person is saying? Isn’t there more I can do than just hand over… View Article

How to register for The Big SleepOut 2016

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to register for The Big SleepOut 2016. Registering 1. Visit, read the information and then click on the ‘Click HERE to sign up’-button. 2. You will now arrive at The Big SleepOut 2016’s event page. Click ‘Register Now’. 3. Enter as a ‘New user’ by providing your… View Article

A Life Changing Day – Starting With Yours

We offer a unique experience for your corporate team at our day service in Slough – Sue Serret explains why it will change your team to spend a day with us. Our Day Centre in Slough, SHOC, served 25,000 meals last year, brokered 130 people into work and provided a lifeline to over 100 people… View Article

Staff from Mondelez volunteer at our day service in Slough

A team from Mondelez, long term supporters of Trinity, sent a team of volunteers to our day service – SHOC, here is their experience: Well, it may not have been that glamourous but it was certainly the most stimulating lunchtime I have had in a while.  I went to a drop in centre for the… View Article