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Breaking the Cycle

Written by SHOC’s Grants Manager, Sally Russell We live in a world where everyone wants everything now, it doesn’t matter who they tread on to get it, we just don’t look out for each other, the world is broken. I recently started work at SHOC. Having worked in the charity sector for the previous year… View Article

Pets Matter Too

Written by Debbie, from our Central Office Being an avid animal lover, I’ve always had some concern when I see homeless animals on the streets with their owners. Not knowing how they are looked after has always niggled at me and I usually end up buying treats, food, blankets, etc in an attempt to ease… View Article

Celebrating Our Staff Member of The Year

Every year at Trinity we ask all the staff to vote for the member of staff who deserves to win an award for their work, dedication and general brilliance – in 2014, with over 40 members of staff, this was no mean feat. The awards were given out by Steve at our Christmas Party and… View Article