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Are you stranded on the A Deck?

Imagine that someone invites you for the cruise of a lifetime.  You get to the docks and the person says “There’s just two conditions, you are never to ask where we are going or when we will get there.” “Sounds fine by me” you say.  You board the ship and it’s luxurious; you are shown… View Article

Introducing Our Performers at The Big SleepOut 2016: Gareth Richards!

Gareth Richards is back at The Big SleepOut after last year’s brilliant performance! In October 2004 Gareth Richards did his first ever gig aboard the Wibbly Wobbly boat, a notorious venue compered by alternative comedy veteran Malcolm Hardy. After his set Malcolm shook his hand and said, “Was that really your first gig?” “Yes,” said… View Article


We are just 6 weeks away from our 8th Big SleepOut! So why do we do it? I’ll be frank… Homelessness has more than doubled in London since 2010. People are dying on the streets of our community. In 2016. Let that sink in…  What Trinity and SHOC does is effective. In a time where… View Article

The Big SleepOut Registration is now OPEN!

The Big SleepOut Registration is now OPEN! On December 2nd, 750 people will spend the night sleeping out in cardboard boxes, and in doing so become part of the solution to end homelessness. You can join us today!! Visit and sign up for the 8th Trinity Big SleepOut. You can register yourself, and you… View Article