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residents' hub

If you need help or advice, or to report any issues with your home.

Every Voice Matters

At the residents’ hub, you have a gateway for everything, from reporting a maintenance job to booking an appointment, making a complaint, or sharing a brilliant idea, this hub serves as a connection of support and innovation.

It’s a place where every voice matters, and every interaction is an opportunity to make a difference

Whether addressing practical concerns or sparking creativity, the residents’ hub helps to shape our living environment and enhance our quality of life.

Today we have residents taking a role in coaching, house meetings, community meetings, regular reviews and surveys and the Board of Trustees.

Open communication and collaboration cultivates a sense of belonging and ownership, and creates active participants in the ongoing evolution of our community. Together, we embark on a journey of shared responsibility and collective empowerment, where each contribution, no matter how small, has the power to ignite positive change and inspire a bright future for all.

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