Our corporate partners make a real difference.

Business Partners

Our corporate partners make a real difference.

The support of our corporate partners makes a real difference.

Just £5000 can house and support someone for an entire year, and £25000 can sponsor an entire house for a year.

If you would like to learn more about how Trinity could benefit your organisation, please contact

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Volunteering with Trinity has a lasting impact far beyond the day spent outside of our working environment, offering perspective and allowing us to think more broadly & consider the stories of those who find, or have previously found themselves without a home.


We have worked with Trinity for many years and we are inspired by the passion they have for addressing the challenge of homelessness and the tremendous hard work they put in to make a difference.


Trinity didn’t just want our money, they wanted a partnership as well, which gave us different possibilities in the way we supported them. They were also very keen to use our knowledge and skills to support and progress the charity purpose.


The Trinity philosophy of long-term solutions to end homelessness inspired us to fundraise and take part in events. The team made good connections within our department and sought opportunities which might be mutually beneficial, such as interview skills, workshops for residents, providing useful skills for your residents and training/interview practice for our team members.

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