Introducing: Parker Morris


In November we will be launching our newest business – Parker Morris, which will change the private rented sector, for good.

“Parker Morris was perhaps the first to sow the seeds of what we now call sustainable housing.” (Jon Rouse, CEO Housing Corp)

In the 1960s Parker Morris established a set of standards for social housing to comply with, which became the benchmark for the following decades. Now, in 2016, we are establishing a new benchmark for the housing sector: trustworthy, professional and honest lettings whose profit is invested for social gain.

What everyone wants from housing is the same: from the person who is living on the streets to the landlord wanting to let out their property – we all want a safe and secure home, trust between tenants and landlords, good value for money and for there to be no fear or uncertainty around lettings.

Parker Morris embodies a sustainable future for housing in metropolitan areas in the UK.

We provide market value, excellent quality housing to professional sharers whilst ensuring that landlords can rest assured that they will receive a guaranteed income and their property will be well looked after by experienced and trustworthy property managers.

We give Landlords what they need: Their property is managed by professionals with decades of experience in housing. They are kept informed about the maintenance and management of their property and they have a guaranteed income over 3 to 5 years, regardless of their property being occupied.

We give tenants what they want: Good quality, reasonably priced homes. A landlord they can get on well with and trust, because they are trusted. Flexibility about the furnishing of their room – with options to add extras to suit their needs. Free wifi and a cleaner for all the communal areas – making shared living what it should be – relaxed, stress-free and good value for money.

We treat both landlords and tenants with the respect they deserve: no hidden fees, a well maintained home where they know that if there’s a problem it will be solved by a professional and approachable property manager.

Our profits are invested for social gain: Parker Morris – like all excellent businesses – generates a profit; however our profits don’t go to share holders or owners. Instead they are invested in Trinity, our partner charity, who provide supported housing to people suffering the effects of homelessness. Just by living in one of our properties, or renting a property through us, we are helping Trinity to end homelessness in West London.

We don’t compromise on quality, our fees are more reasonable than our competitors, our prices are fair and our profits are invested for social rather than financial gain.

We are recruiting a lettings negotiator – visit our jobs page for all the information and how to apply.