Mentoring and Beyond

Mondelēz International started working with Trinity Homeless Projects in March 2013.  The charity was an ideal match for the Cadbury Foundation as we share many of the same charitable aims and the Foundation has a long history of funding programmes which support vulnerable individuals to access training and move towards independence. Trinity received a £10,000 Cadbury Foundation grant to fund their training programme to help 30 clients secure and maintain work.  The scheme included job coaching and a ‘skills for working life’ course with the aim of building self-esteem and motivation.  The outcomes were encouraging and over the year 23 clients achieved a work experience placement and 14 went on to find work. Targeted mentoring The unique strength of our targeted mentoring programme lies in the clarity and simplicity of the offer for both parties… For the Trinity residents who decide to get involved, they have a specific “buddy” who sits outside of their regular circle- to talk things throughwhen they need some help. But as Mondelez is a sizeable local business, this person provides the Trinity resident will a really relevant and respected frame of reference to the world of work- and the journey “back” from homelessness that Trinity exists for. For the Mondelez volunteers, they can get closer to the community they work in… and they get to do something that’s personally very rewarding- the chance to share some skills perhaps, or offer their perspective- hopefully building a greater relationship with the community partner (Trinity) than they would ever get from a single day’s group volunteering. And of course the potential rewards are huge, with success measured across 3 fronts: 1.The Trinity resident who finds their way back into work (and the impact of that spreading out to their wider family and friends) 2.The ability of Trinity to offer even more to their residents, without incurring extra cost… and the chance that our programme helps them attract more local authority funding as they develop and structure their back-to-work coaching 3.The skills and experience on offer to the Mondelez volunteers- most of whom won’t have done anything like this before- and the chance to really stretch their mentoring and coaching skills… all with the chance of the ultimate reward of seeing someone turn their life around