Our Corporate Partners

Segro manage some of the biggest business estates in Europe, with their head office in Slough they have been supporters of SHOC for some time. In 2015 around 25 Segro employees took part in the Big SleepOut, and were one of our key sponsors, producing hundreds of promotional thermal mugs for our participants. They are committed to supporting us through 2016 at various events, and the SleepOut. 


One of the key elements of the SleepOut is the boxes that we all sleep in, and for three years Safestore have donated thousands of boxes to us, as well as protective bags to save us from the rain! As one of Europe’s biggest self storage companies we see so much synergy between us and them, with homelessness and the iconic image of sleeping in a box on the street. Safestore’s partnership with Trinity in 2016 and beyond makes sure that the SleepOut can continue to take place.

“Safestore self storage is committed to being a responsible business in how we contribute and work with our local communities and we believe it is important for our colleagues to recognise how our activities can have an impact on those around us. As cardboard boxes represent sleeping rough in such an iconic way, we are pleased to be support Trinity’s Big SleepOut by providing boxes for the participants so that we all can be inspired and encouraged to challenge our own perspectives on homelessness. After all, it could be any of us spending the night out there sleeping in the cold.” Wanjiku Calver, Safestore 


Cardinal Clinic is a leading independent pychiatric hospital on the outskirts of Windsor, Berlshire. We have been providing te highest level of care for 40 years and treat a wide range of psychaitric conditions from depression to psychosis. We are also able to care for patients detained under the Mental Health Act.

The Clinic is set in beautiful grounds and we offer Out-patient, Day-patient and In-patient treatment as well as a Child and Adolescent service, located in a separate building within the grounds.

Cardinal Clinic is recognised by all the major insurance companies and also welcomes patients who self fund.

Cardinal Clinic is delighted to be taking part in the Big Sleep Out 2016 as well as being a sponsor. SHOC are currently our charity of the year, we recognise the direct correlation between homlessness and mental health, we are pleased to be able to help, if only in a small way. We want to try and put ourselves in the position of a homeless person, even for just a few hours. We are sure the experience will have a huge impact and give us all the opprtunity to reflect on how fortunate we are.

Cardinal Clinic

For the past 5 years, Mondelez have worked alongside Trinity in a variety of ways. We have sent residents to their head office for CV writing and interview skills, they have engaged in a one to one mentoring programme with a number of our residents, and have supplied lots of chocolate for various events! We have seen dozens take part in the Big SleepOut, and more recently we have been selected as the charity of choice for the whole of the Meals(cheese) business at Mondelez. As a result they are being proactive in engaging employees with our work, and are looking to introduce some exciting and fun initiatives, including a cross company netball tournament. We also welcome Mondelez staff to SHOC in Slough for monthly volunteering days. 


“Supporting our communities and helping people to be the best is deeply rooted in Nexen’s values. We’re proud to be supporting Trinity Homeless Projects in its mission to move people from homelessness and to help them to achieve their full potential.

The Big Sleepout, which is being held in Hillingdon this year, raises awareness of this often overlooked issue and gives participants just a small taste of the challenges faced by some of the most vulnerable in our communities each and every day. The funds raised will go a long way to help the charity continue their vital work” - Ray Riddoch, UK Managing Director, Nexen