How to register for The Big SleepOut 2016

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to register for The Big SleepOut 2016.


1. Visit, read the information and then click on the ‘Click HERE to sign up’-button.

2. You will now arrive at The Big SleepOut 2016’s event page. Click ‘Register Now’.

3. Enter as a ‘New user’ by providing your email address, or signing in with your Facebook account.

4a. Choose to enter ‘Yourself’ (if someone else has already registered using the same computer/phone click on ‘This is not you’ to switch user).

4b. If you have already registered yourself and want to register someone else under the age of 18, click ‘Someone else, below 18’ and fill in the information for this person. This will be made through and linked to your account on the event page.

5. Complete the form by entering your details and selecting any additional purchases you would like.

Creating or joining a team

6a. If you also would like to register a team, select ‘Create a team’ under the heading ‘Team information’. You will then be asked to provide a team name and a description. You will also have the opportunity to set a password for joining the team and to pre-pay registration fees for any number of members. You can also send your members automatic invitations to join your team by providing their email addresses.

6b. If you would like to join a team that already exists, select ‘Join team’ and either select the correct team name from the list or enter the team name in the box. Some teams may require you to enter a password selected by the team captain in order to join the team. If the person who created the team has pre-paid your registration, your fee will be deducted at the check-out.

6c. If you have already registered and want to create or join a team at a later stage, you can do this by logging in to your event account on after the check-out process is completed (see point 9c. in this sign-up guide)

Creating your fundraising page

When the form is completed, click ‘Continue’, which will take you to creating your JustGiving fundraising page. This will be automatically created and linked to your registration to The Big SleepOut 2016.

7a. If you already have a JustGiving account, select ‘Yes’ and provide the details for the fundraising page you would like to set-up for The Big SleepOut 2016, as well as confirming your account by entering your sign-in details for JustGiving.

7b. If you do not have a JustGiving account, select ‘No’ and provide your details, the name and title you would like for your fundraising page for The Big SleepOut 2016. You will then select an email address as username for your new JustGiving account and a password.

7c. If you have already set-up a fundraising page through your registration and are now registering someone under 18, and you would like to share your fundraising page with this person, click ‘Skip’ in this stage to take you directly to the check-out.

Check-out and payment

8. Continue to the check-out, where you will be able to review your basket before approving your payment. You can also add more registrations to the basket before checking out by clicking on ‘+ Add Another Registration’ in the top right of your order details.

At the bottom of the page, before your payment is done, you will also be asked to select a password for your account you have now created for The Big SleepOut 2016 event platform.

Confirmation and how to change your information after registering

9a. Shortly after completing the sign-up, you will receive confirmation emails for your purchase, your new account on (which is the platform we are using for the event) and for JustGiving (which provides you with your fundraising page and links to share this page with your friends and family on social media).

9b. If you want to view, edit or add to your event registration information, login on using your email address and the password you selected at the end of the check-out. Then select ‘My Events’ from the drop list under your name in the top right corner.

9c. Under ‘My Events’ you can also create or join a team by clicking the link under your registration information.

If you are having problems signing up or have any questions regarding the registration process, please send an email to