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Our Policies

As part of Trinity’s commitment, we have developed a range of policies to tackle homelessness and housing challenges.

Trinity's Policies

Simple, memorable policy statements are essential because they serve as the compass guiding organisational behaviour, decisions, and actions.

They encapsulate the core values, principles, and goals of an organisation in a concise and easily digestible format, making them accessible to everyone. These statements act as powerful reminders of what matters most, fostering alignment and unity of purpose among team members. 

By being easy to remember, they become ingrained in the culture of the organisation, influencing behaviour and shaping attitudes over time. Moreover, simple, memorable policy statements facilitate effective communication both internally and externally, enabling stakeholders to quickly grasp the organisation’s priorities and expectations. Ultimately, they promote clarity, consistency, and accountability, driving organisational success and creating a shared sense of purpose and direction.

Talk to each other, and if you have to, write it down.

We treat all Trinity money as if it were our own.

Trinity is a good employer

Privacy is a human right.

We treat all Trinity property as if it were our own.

Trinity is safe.

Wellbeing is a human right.

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