We are Trinity

Families flourish in our community

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

Albert Einstein

Families flourish in our community

At Trinity we have a long tradition of working locally and thinking globally.

And in times of conflict and crisis, we can adapt to be a part of our local response in welcoming people fleeing war and indescribable suffering.

Offering support and a sense of belonging can make a significant difference in the lives of those who have faced unimaginable challenges and now find themselves in a foreign country, not speaking the language or knowing the system.

To date we have helped 194 families totalling 415 people (218 children), including families from:

  • Afghanistan 21 families
  • Ukraine 155 families
  • Sudan 18 families

How have you been involved? Please get in touch to let us know [email protected].

"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

A quote by none other than Albert Einstein that has resonated deeply with me from a young age.

It underpins my value of service to others and service to myself. Having fled war over three decades ago I know firsthand the challenges and hardship a refugee can face. I was forced to leave behind my country, my family home, my friends and my culture.

This experience has gifted me a unique level of resilience that I wear with pride and carry with grief. Through the years I have been able to turn this grief and loss into my passion, and through this passion I want to make a difference in the lives of those who undergo the same journey.

I’m fortunate enough to work with Trinity, an organization founded on the value of serving others and bettering our community.

A cohort of individuals who have been faced with unimaginable circumstances forcing them to flee and seek shelter, stability and safety here in the United Kingdom. We are able to provide solace and guidance to these individuals and instill a sense of hope for their future. By welcoming people from different cultures, we enrich the cultural tapestry of our communities, fostering diversity and understanding and ultimately connecting us all on a personal level. 

Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing families flourish in our community and overcome hardships thanks to the helping hand of Trinity. I love what I do and I continue to learn everyday, being in this position gives me great hope for the future of our communities.

Marina Afzal Elmi
Family Coach at Trinity Homeless Projects

"I arrived from Afghanistan on the 20th of December 23, stayed at a military camp until 10th of Jan 24"

“MoD booked a taxi for us and dropped us to a place that I could not even pronounce the name (Uxbridge).

Due to the nature of my work with MoD my family and I had to live in a hiding place from the current Afghan government for over 2 years – coming out of taxi to a place called Uxbridge was overwhelming and scary – a lady with kind voice greeted me and my family in Dari and welcomed us, initially my wife Latifa and I thought we did not have enough sleep we might dream that in our new place, someone speaks with us in Dari – then I realised this lady introduced herself as Marina and said she works for Trinity (Charity).

She assured me and my wife that through Trinity and her we will be supported with our primary care and they will guide us – we do not speak English, cannot send emails, our IT is not great, had only one mobile phone with no adaptor. 

We were introduced through Trinity with our neighbours who supported us kindly – Marina started our primary care from Zero and completed it in 3 days – I suggest a new name for Trinity “God Sent” we feel this organisation is honestly god sent to people like us who lived in war torn country for decades – our education, safety, social skills are all affected hugely – I wish there were organisations like Trinity and staff like Marina in Afghanistan, our country would have been rebuilt.

Thank you “GOD SENT” charity with an angle staff member – you acted like a heal on our wounds!!

"I don't know how to thank your charity and you"

“I don’t know how to thank your charity and you, for making it possible for me to attend Esol classes.

I like it a lot, I am learning too, made friends, my husband was convinced by Esol course after your referral. I got married at 14, have 11 children, didn’t even dream will attend any language classes let alone mixed ones! 

Thank you again, I had so much pain for the past few weeks, could not speak through male translators about my Gyno issues, with a couple of hours, you helped me to be examined by a lady doctor and you accompanied my emergency appointments even made sure I received my medication. 

I pray for your Charity and you, God bless you all”