Everyone has the right to a home… or at least a bed for the night.

Emergency Housing

Sleeping rough is often seen as the only option…it’s not, trust us.

We can help.

Emergency Housing

Sleeping rough is often seen at the only option…it’s not, trust us.

We can help.

Ending rough sleeping for good after lockdown.


No one should be forced to sleep on the streets, not even for one night. The sad reality is that many people do. They are either forced to due to a lack of local provision, they don’t know how to get help or they have a chosen lifestyle that is not conducive to managing a tenancy. There are also communities amongst people sleeping rough that are supportive and mutually dependent, which understandably are hard to leave, especially if the alternative is daunting. We are developing Therapeutic Communities that can provide the bed when you need it to help people leave the streets for good. These are small places where individuals with life-dominating issues live together.

Members of the community take responsibility for supporting each other and make decisions about the day-to-day running including accepting new members and how to manage unhelpful behaviours. It is a safe space to examine damaging coping mechanisms and relationships are put in the spotlight, especially how we relate to other members of the community including staff.

This model has a proven successful track record and is endorsed by John Bird and Lord Crisp.

Everyone has the right to a home…
or at least a bed for the night



Trinity runs a Reconnection service in partnership with a number of other organisations. We support people who are sleeping rough to find accommodation in an area where they feel safe and are able to leave rough sleeping behind.


Emergency Beds

From June 2022, Trinity have taken over the daily operations and care & support at Olympic House in Hillingdon. Olympic House is a 33 bedroom emergency accommodation facility.


Winter Night Shelter

The temporary winter night shelter will offer accommodation, food and housing support for people sleeping rough. The Night Winter Shelter will run in the coldest months of the year, from January through to March.

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please contact: 01895 556666

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