Everyone has the right to a home… or at least a bed for the night.


Supported Housing


Ending rough sleeping for good after lockdown.


Housing People at Risk of Homelessness

There is not enough social housing so local councils have to prioritise their scarce resources. The solution is to build more social housing but in England we need to build one million houses just to keep up with demand. Whilst we’re waiting we can’t just stand by whilst hundreds of thousands of people suffer homelessness. In the UK we have a large private rented sector but potential tenants are excluded from accessing private lettings mainly due to; affordability, deposits and credit history. Private lets are mostly short-term and regrettably often below standard and understandably private landlords are put off from letting to people claiming benefits because of waiting times and sanctions created by the benefits system. The options are further reduced for people who have extra needs of care and support.

Working with local landlords, we lease houses and convert them into five and six bed homes which we then offer to people who don’t want to live in isolation and have additional support needs. Because we are a charity we are able to claim enhanced housing benefit that allows us to fully fund and provide a holistic intensive housing management service which provides support for our residents. We also provide personal coaching, support in living skills and access to employment and training and help to move on when residents are ready to do so.

Because we all need a little help from time to time

We provide small shared housing in response to the increasing local homeless problem. We currently have 250 bed spaces in small shared houses. We charge a Supported Housing rent which includes up to four hours 121 coaching a week. Our services combine the provision of a home, great people to help and a focus on employment through individually tailored plans that help residents achieve successful independence for life.

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